Cremation services

In the face of pain and suffering of a great loss we forget that our lives are but short dim flashes… Often times the unbearable heartache and despair overwhelms and prevents us from appropriately handling the formal aspects of death. This is why we are here; we offer help and support.
One of the services we offer is the time-honoured Lithuanian tradition of cremation that is especially popular today. Even though it takes longer than a usual funeral, it is simpler and causes less difficulties to the relatives of the departed.

What cremation services are we offering?


We take care all the required documentation


We take care of the special cremation casket


We offer a special hermetic capsule for the ashes


We transport the deceased to the crematorium


We write out the cremation certificate

We feel a huge responsibility to rightfully take care of the bodily remains of the departed and support you during times of sorrow, should it only be assistance with formalities.