Transportation of the Deceased from a Foreign Country

The loss of a loved oved is often described as the working of the cold hand of fate, a night of the word… None of us can, unfortunately, avoid this, but we can make the experience easier by providing a helping hand.
We fully understand that pain as well as the difficulties and confusion of all the legal procedures associated with the death of a friend or a relative, especially if a great distance separates you and the deceased. We are here to offer you support and accompany your loved one in his final journey. We shall help you with legal affairs and answer questions regarding the state funding of various procedures. Professionality and strong work ethic are our main priorities.
If the departed had insurance, the repatriation of his bodily remains to Lithuania is under the liability of the insurance company in question, otherwise the liability falls on the relatives. Unfortunately, the embassies of the Republic of Lithuania, or similar institutions within Lithuania do not offer adequate information or professional help to the families and friends. Thusly our mission is to help those close to the departed and provide repatriation as fast as possible. The collective experience and knowledge of our professional team as well as our long-time colleges (airlines, funeral homes, embassies, private and state-owned institutions etc.) allows us to offer you exquisite services.

How will we help you?

  1. We provide transportation of the departed from abroad, cremation services and organisation of a general funeral process. We always put all of our effort to keep all of your expenses to a minimum. All affairs related to the transportation of the departed are heavily regulated by the laws of the country of death: the transportation has to follow a strict code of conduct, the deceased has to be in a special casket, various legal procedures have to take place as well as documents (e.g. the death certificate) have to come in possession. We shall take care of all such issues.
  2. We shall consult you on everything relating to legal or logistical issues. The transportation of the deceased is a rather complicated procedure, that requires supreme organisational and logistical capabilities. We have such capabilities. We not only have the ‘know how’, but also the adequate means e.g. transportation with inbuilt cooling system.
  3. We shall help you with paperwork. We understand the intricacies and various aspects and dependencies of the associated documentation i.e. cause of death (natural death, accident, suicide etc.), place of death (home, nursing home, vehicle, body of water etc.) and others. We take care of such legal issues with care and speed.
  4. In case of necessity we offer an accelerated process of repatriation.