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Transportation Of The Deceased From A Foreign Country

The death of a loved one knocks the ground out from under our feet, and it is quite natural that at that time we cannot think about things that we do not even know, for example, what to do after the death of a loved one, what steps to take, how to plan a cremation, etc.

There is even more uncertainty if a loved one has died abroad, as it is necessary to take care of the repatriation of the remains. Most people don't even know where to start. Therefore, your only and most important task may be to contact us.

We know that pain, uncertainty and the formalities of the burial process, especially if the relatives and the deceased are separated by a long distance, further complicate the situation and push them to despair. We are here to help you - to accompany your loved one on the last trip, arrange the necessary documents and solve questions about state funding.

How can we help?

When communicating with you, we will find out all the details, your needs and provide detailed information on what needs to be done, what steps to take and how we will ensure that your deceased loved one returns to Lithuania smoothly.

Why should you use our services?

The transportation of remains is strictly regulated, permits are required for this procedure, it is important to prepare a lot of documents and do everything in compliance with both legal and moral norms. Not only that, it is necessary to follow the rules not only of our country, but also of the one from which the remains will be transported, as well as all those through which the remains will travel. It is a huge job that requires a huge amount of knowledge. Trust us – our many years of experience will allow us to take care of everything responsibly, quickly and at the most attractive price.

The process of transporting the remains

How is everything going?

• We discuss all the conditions, terms and price of transporting remains;
• We receive your authorization to handle the formalities;
• We take care of all necessary permits and other documents;
• We are carrying out the process of transporting the remains.

How long does it take to transport the remains?

The exact time depends on the country from which and the type of transport. For example, the transfer from England takes about a day and a half (once all the documents are in order).

How is the body transported?

• The remains are transported in a double coffin;
• Body - in a special bag;
• It is transported in a suitable transport, which maintains a temperature of 0 degrees, because the remains cannot be frozen;
• After prompt transportation, the body is handed over to the funeral home.

Where do we transport the remains from?

Most often, the remains have to be transported from England, Germany, as well as from Scandinavian countries. However, the service is available from any country. Therefore, no matter where in the world your loved one ended his journey, contact us to arrange the repatriation of his body.

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