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The cost of transporting remains

We understand that although money is not really the most important thing at the moment of loss, it is still relevant how much it will cost to bury a loved one, especially if his remains are in another country in the world, from which they still need to be brought.

The price is influenced by the requirements of the country where the person died, applicable taxes, issuance of documents and other aspects. Therefore, the price is calculated individually in each case.

How much does it cost to transport remains from abroad?

It would be difficult to say exactly how much it will cost to bring your loved one's remains to Lithuania from abroad, because the price depends on many factors.

All we can say is that it ranges from 1,000 to 10,000 euros.

What determines the price of the service?


from where and to where the remains need to be transported


specific place of death


coffin and/or urn


is embalming necessary?


will the body be cremated?


the weight of the coffin


method of transportation of remains: land, air, water


discussed during the consultation

consulting and state support

To find out how much it will cost you to bring the remains of the deceased to Lithuania, we invite you to contact us - we will provide detailed information about the entire process of transporting the remains from abroad, answer questions and provide a price offer.Please note that we can arrange for state support of up to 2,970 euros.

When is the transportation of remains free of charge?

The service of transporting remains from abroad will not cost if the deceased was insured. In that case, the carriers (i.e. us or others providing similar services) are hired by the insurance company. Our services remain the same - document processing, body transportation, but the insurance company would not pay for them.

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